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The Beginners Guide to the iPhone: The Best Apps, Hidden Techniques, and Awesome Accessories

Congratulations iPhone newbie! You are now the proud owner of the best smartphone on the planet (until the next iPhone comes out of course). If this is your first smartphone then things probably seem a little overwhelming. If you're an Android … [Read more]

When we are all the Enemy: the Homeless, the Police, & the Repercussions of Suspicion

[Before we start, a preview: The recent UC Davis pepper spray incident and Occupy Wall Street protests are catalyzing me to finally publish this experience. The connection between those events and this story is VERY tenuous. This story is more about … [Read more]

Tame the Facebook Time Suck: Make Facebook More Useful by Killing the News Feed

Ah Facebook, the giant temporal vortex where hours disappear because of a cousin's pictures showcasing their last trip to Europe or some poor lady’s online dating video professing her love for cats. According to Nielsen, the average user spends six … [Read more]

How to Check Your Snail Mail Once Every Two Weeks

Learn how I check my snail mail once every two weeks. There was only one reason I used to go to my mailbox every day -- junk mail.  I used to spend at least 20 minutes a day on snail mail.  The routine went something like: Drive to … [Read more]

Hillsborough Street Roundabouts Are Cute, But Will They Help?

Will the City of Raleigh's efforts to revitalize Hillsborough Street have the same effect as their efforts on Fayetteville Street?  Below are some caveats I'm not convinced are addressed in the City Council's plans. I'm thrilled Raleigh is … [Read more]

My Thanks and Official Diagnosis

Y'all [for my northern friends y'all is the perfect word and the contraction for "you all"] are amazing.  Thank you is the most important thing I can tell you.  Your outpouring of support overwhelms me, your friendship and love is priceless.  As I … [Read more]

My 95% Chance For Testicular Cancer

Would you please allow me to share what is happening with my health?  The post below will deal with my likely cancer diagnosis, how I cope with trauma, and my hopes for what comes next. What's Going On Last week, my doctor informed me there is a … [Read more]

Did Bank of America Miss the Point with My Work?

Thinking about adopting a flexible work program? Consider the Bank of America account below. In late August, I listened to a Bank of America employee's presentation on the My Work program.  My Work is supposed to be about employee options, yet I … [Read more]